About EverusPay

What is EverusPay?

EverusPay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway which provides merchants with a variety of payment solutions as well as the ability to accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency.

With easy integration of both Payment Gateway API and Plugin options available, EverusPay gives users the ability to pay or transact online using multiple cryptocurrencies via a single wallet, opening up a world of convenience for both consumers and merchants online. Join EverusPay today and benefit from a global user base of 100,000+ existing Everus wallet holders across 90 Countries, with the ability to send funds and transact with Merchants on the EverusPay platform.

Which types of Cryptocurrency does EverusPay accept?

EverusPay accepts Trullion-e (Tru-e) cryptocurrency to make payment on your website. We expect to increase the number of supported cryptocurrencies over the next 6 months to include BTC, LTC and ETH.

What is Trullion-e (Tru-e)?

Trullion-e is a cryptocurrency token backed by 100% physical gold assets, 1 gram of gold = 1 Trullion-e token following stable gold pricing. Users who transact using Trullion-e benefit from its stable pricing which is free from price volatility, making Trullion-e the ideal choice of payment for your products/services.

Benefits to Merchants

  • No Set up or Subscription Fees.

  • Receive global payments faster and more secure.

  • Receive your settlement funds in local Fiat currency directly in your local bank account.

  • Settlements as fast as 24 hours.

  • Transaction Fees as low as 1%.

  • Free from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

Introducing EverusPay

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